About Silverside Detectors

Why Silverside?

Silverside Detectors was born out of a conviction that reinvigorating neutron detection will open up new frontiers of security and discovery. Emerging from a Boston University physics lab and funded by Department of Homeland Security and DARPA contracts, Silverside launched to solve the problem of cost-prohibitive neutron detection by merging known detection methodologies with novel design and manufacturing solutions.

The heartbeat of Silverside is a curiosity to discover and an excitement to operationalize. We take science to the manufacturing floor, and prototypes to the first responders—all as part of the story of turning neutron detectors into world-changing systems.

We are a team of scientists, engineers and security experts that solve complex customer application problems. We apply physics, software, and strategic policy analysis to create solutions that navigate bureaucratic challenges, make the jobs of first responders easier, and help shape the security of our world.

We collaborate with the best.

Cutting-edge technology must serve operational reality. That’s why we rely on a team of boots-on-the-ground partners to rigorously vet our systems and software. We gain a full understanding of the problems our customers want to solve and their operational processes, so that Silverside’s products help them achieve their scientific and security objectives.