Thermal neutron detector chambers


Scalable and affordable nuclear threat reduction. The modular design uses enriched Li-6 metal suspended within a hermetically sealed chamber and a simple, threshold based read-out. Low-cost manufacturing makes Silverside’s neutron detector best-in-class for portable and large systems.

Moderated sub-systems for RPMs


Modular sub-systems—comprising chambers and performance-calibrated moderator–can be custom fit to any portal system to achieve or surpass ANSI performance. The proportional wire, pulse-height-threshold system delivers a robust gamma-ray rejection and strong pulse signal—comparable to the He-3 spectrum. The sub-systems are plug-and-play with standard He-3 detector electronics.

Readout-enabled assemblies


Based on customer configuration and properties, solutions are created with different chamber, moderator, and electronics choices.

Silverside’s commitment to manufacturing excellence

Reliability comes from simple processes and verifiable performance at every stage of our manufacturing process. All our products are manufactured in a ISO 9001-2015-compliant facility, ensuring the highest, verifiable quality in every sensor we deliver.