VMS Fusion

Funded by DARPA, Silverside is enabling cities and businesses to share privacy-preserved video data for a faster public safety response. The core capability is building a permissions-based, ledgered release log that syncs video data with radiation alerts, enabling existing video infrastructure in our cities today to support new capabilities to keep people and their property safe.

Unattended Sensors

As part of the DARPA SIGMA program, Silverside has developed a set of hardware tools that enable the real-world deployment and testing of large-area radiation detectors. These sensors are stand-alone units that provides power, communications, camera, and installation hardware around a neutron and gamma-ray detector. The unit enables first responders to test new CONOPs and developers to test their detection, attribution, and tracking algorithms in real-world environments.

Soil Moisture Sensing

As part of the EEI program, Silverside’s research efforts are twofold:

1. Quantifying and optimizing Li-6 neutron detector performance for scaled networks of CRS systems:

2. Developing a measurement tool for use in smart irrigation systems.