Nuclear Security

We build next generation radiation security solutions

Our proprietary, lithium-based thermal neutron detection technology is used by the global security industry and the U.S. government for radiation portal monitors and vehicle-mounted detection systems–all to reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism.

Why neutron detectors?

Neutron detectors can isolate a radiation signal that is specific to plutonium and highly-enriched uranium—the only two materials on earth that can make a nuclear bomb. Radiation detection systems that include neutron detectors are alert to the biggest radiation threats we face.

Why Silverside?

Silverside’s Li-6 neutron detectors were designed for Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs) and other large-area and at-speed deployments. The Silverside Li-6 advantage comes from a confluence of features: the inherently clear signal of a multi-wire proportional counter, simple and scalable manufacturing that follows the lithium battery industry, and smart engineering for long-life and rugged stability.


Silverside’s Li-6 neutron detectors are the right tool for RPMs, high-speed rail, and other infrastructure monitoring applications. Custom configurations are available for vehicle systems, backpacks, and other specific use-cases.


  • Detection chambers
  • RPM sub-systems
  • Custom assemblies


  • VMS fusion
  • Unattended sensors