Silverside Detectors to Supply Neutron Detectors for DHS Radiation Security Program

Silverside Detectors, a Smiths Detection subcontractor, announces their participation in the final award of the Radiation Portal Monitor Replacement Program with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) office.

The CWMD mission enables Customs and Border Protection to respond accurately and efficiently to suspected radiological and nuclear threats entering the United States. The Radiation Portal Monitor Replacement Program updates critical technology used to screen cargo at all domestic ports of entry for radiation and nuclear threats. Silverside was selected as the neutron detector supplier by Smiths Detection (IDIQ contract holder), as part of a team that includes Radiation Solutions, Inc.

On why Silverside was chosen, Smiths Senior Director of Government solutions, Jeff Harper, states, “Silverside’s proven superior performance, reliability, and commitment to quality gives us confidence that we have the right partnership to provide an unparalleled solution for our customer.”

Andrew Inglis, Silverside founder and CEO, states: “We are proud to bring cutting-edge research and manufacturing from Cambridge, MA to protect citizens across the United States.”

The RPM systems will be deployed at high-volume points of entry, replacing hundreds of units over the next two years. Silverside’s neutron detection technology was sponsored by DARPA programs and is now commercially available worldwide.

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